Shorelines Under Threat

Tsunami Debris Cleanup

Shorelines Under Threat

The devastating tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 swept tons of debris into the ocean. Ocean currents continue to carry floating debris across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of British Columbia.

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Cleaning Up Tsunami Debris

On March 11, 2011, a devastating tsunami destroyed coastal communities in Japan, resulting in massive loss of life and destruction of personal property. Floating items were carried by currents across the Pacific Ocean to the shores of British Columbia. 

In March 2014, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, received funding from the Province of British Columbia to coordinate volunteer based cleanups of shorelines on the west coast of Vancouver Island that have been affected by debris from the tsunami.

Read about past events:

You can also read our Tsunami Debris FAQ.

Working as a Community

We have created a notification email list so you can stay up-to-date on tsunami debris cleanups in B.C. We occasionally send emails to this list to recruit for large cleanup events and to provide updates about upcoming presentations. 

If you are interested in participating in a cleanup, or if you know of a shoreline affected by tsunami debris, email us directly at tsunamidebris@vanaqua.org. You can also view our Tsunami Cleanup Map. 

Can’t make it to a cleanup event? Donations are always greatly appreciated. 

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