Thank you for being a Shoreline Champion

Congratulations on a successful 2014 cleanup and contributing to healthier shorelines for everyone. Join us again next year, registration opens February 2015.


Why Cleanup?

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In 2013, over 99,000 kg of litter was removed from 3,035 km of shorelines from across Canada. Visit our Facts & Figures section for more details on what exactly was found along our shorelines last year.

Cleanup Data Matters

Submit Your Cleanup Data By Nov 17

Make your cleanup count. Data collected at cleanups is vital to creating awareness and changing behaviours. If you organized a cleanup this year, please submit your Group Summary data card by logging in and selecting your cleanup (go to My Dashboard once logged in).

How your cleanup data matters:

  • Cleanup data compares shoreline litter from different shorelines and across years
  • Cleanup data allows you to measure the impact of your cleanup
  • All data is reported to an international initiative

Join us again next year, registration opens February 2015.